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Mobile and web development

Development of showcase websites, e-shops or e-commerce websites, custom websites, native applications, cross-platform applications, web apps… web development, like the one that created, is one of the main pillars of any web project. Concretely, this term refers to the process of writing a website or a computer program dedicated to the mobile environment.

Skills & Expertise

Skills & Expertise

Composed of a team of consultants where each one has a panoramic vision of his respective domain, a web agency, on its own, gathers all the skills essential to the success of your web project: webdesign, web development, SEO, web analytics…like it is the case of EFC Paris.

Web marketing strategy

Although subtly complex, webmarketing is at the heart of digital strategy. A high-performance web marketing strategy allows your web interfaces to generate qualified leads, thus guiding visitors on a path that will end with a purchase. The website Stratégie Poker is a good example of this.

Communication advice

The communication plan cannot be improvised. An agency is therefore best placed to guide you towards the actions and communication channels to be favoured.

Digital strategy

By pooling the skills of its consultants, a web agency works to concoct a concrete digital strategy, which results from the interweaving of several key elements: website, webmarketing, inbound marketing…

Netlinking Campaigns

Pillar of SEO, a netlinking campaign allows you to earn quality backlinks, which play a major role in assessing your popularity. For its implementation, several strategies are possible: linkbaiting, guest blogging …

Offer a good experience to your users

Offer a good experience to your users

To offer your users a new, distinctive and optimal experience, your website must take into consideration the different criteria around which the user experience (UX or User eXperience) is built: ergonomics, accessibility, usefulness, credibility and design.

Visual identity

As its name suggests, a visual identity highlights an original character and a unique personality that a company visually reflects through graphic elements such as the logotype, typography, colours…

Graphic layout

A graphic charter or graphic standards book is a document grouping together and translating the universe and values of a company. Its purpose is to ensure harmonization and consistency on all communication media.

Web design

It refers to the design of a web interface, from its interactional architecture to its tree structure, through the organization of pages..Which takes into account the ergonomics, accessibility and usability.

Graphic creation

Graphic creation, also known as graphic design, is the art of enhancing ideas and experiences through textual and visual content. It is the cornerstone of visual communication.